If you're here you have probably wondered how you might look as a woman. Maybe you've always wanted to learn proper makeup application techniques. Or perhaps you've wished that you had professional photographs of yourself as a woman to post on your personal page. Have you dreamed of a special evening out, dressed and escorted for dining, dancing or a show? If any of these ideas appeal to you then you have certainly found just the right place. The staff at Just You is well qualified and very happy to help you with your male to female transformation.

PLEASE NOTE: Any appointment before or after boutique hours is subject to a $50.00 surcharge and any appointment more than two hours before or after boutique hours is subject to a $100.00 surcharge. If special arrangements are accepted for any appointment on a day when the boutique is normally closed (Sundays and holidays) a $100.00 surcharge is required to open the shop.


Includes styling of your wig or one you purchase and complete make-up from the neck up.
(Must be scheduled 24 hours in advance with an $85 deposit.)


Includes a wig and shoes of your choice, a complete outfit, undergarments (panties, bra, stockings) and complete wig styling and make-up. With the booking of your Mega Transformation we will ask specific questions about your size and ideal look. Mega Transformations must be scheduled 1 week in advance.
(Deposit Required)


Teaching different techniques of makeup application as well as different styles; Day, Dinner, Evening and Glamour. You will leave with written instructions and diagrams to refresh your memory about these techniques. You may bring a camera for before, during and after photos.
(Instructional makeovers must be booked 48 hours in advance with a deposit.)

PHOTOGRAPHY: $100.00 per outfit

During a photo session we will take full length, ½, ¾, and portrait shots. We guarantee 5 great photo's in each outfit and provide you with all your photo's on disk before you leave.
(We DO NOT take nude photo's)


We also offer Fantasy Makeovers Sessions beginning at $550.00 and up depending upon the price of special order items and preparation time required to make your special fantasy a reality. Most sessions include outfit, photography and role play.
(Fantasy Sessions must be booked a week in advance with a $200.00 deposit)


Who wouldn’t want to be a beauty in red? This is the ultimate vision of sexiness and glamour. The Las Vegas Show Girl Fantasy will transform you into the entertainer of a lifetime. This fantasy is different from the all rest. With this fantasy you receive the most intense makeover sessions of all, with the largest of lashes, the sexist of outfits, highest of heels, head piece, gloves, fishnet stockings, wig, and plenty of jewels. After you are transformed into a Las Vegas Show Girl we will take glamour photo's and save them to disk for you to take home the same day. You will also keep all the undergarments, shoes and wig but we're sorry ladies; the show girl costume is not for sale.
(This session requires about 3 hours.)

REAL GIRL: $600.00

Our Real Girl Fantasy Session combines the best of all worlds. You get to shop, with us helping you and showing you how to mix and match clothes to achieve great looks. When we have found three outfits that you like, we begin your transformation. You will have photo's taken in three outfits and you get to keep your favorite outfit, shoes, wig and undergarments. We will save your photos to disk for you to take home. You may choose to depart dressed and spend an evening out in Las Vegas or use our facilities to return to boy mode.
(This session will require 3-4 hours. Photo's taken in additional outfits are an additional $100.00 each.)

MAID: $600.00

Have ever wanted to be a personal maid for the day? Well ,now you can because we offer the Fantasy Maid Session. When you book this appointment you will receive a time, date and the name of your employer for the day. You will not only undergo your full transformation complete with hair and make-up, but you will also receive either the English or French a maid's costume with stockings, shoes, wig, petticoat or petti-panties, all for you to keep. After your transformation is complete you will, of course, be required to work your butt off cleaning, dusting and vacuuming all at the whim of your bossy employer.
(This session requires 3-4 hours. Photo session are available for an additional $50.00.)


This is your ultimate School Girl Fantasy! You will dress and look like a sexy, sweet school girl. You will wear the shortest plaid skirt, a little white top, with a matching tie, sexy thigh high stockings or white knee socks with patend leather shoes. Now don’t forget your #2 pencil because the teacher will assign homework! You receive the full transformation, school girl costume with all under garments, shoes and the wig of your choice all yours keep.
(This session requires about 2 hours. A photo session is available for an additional $50.)

WEDDING CEREMONY (add-on): $300.00

What can I say about being a bride…. the most important person in a room, pampered from head to toe? Everyone should experience being a bride once in their life. For your Bridal Fantasy Session you will be pampered! First, we will set you up to get a manicure and a pedicure with the polish of your choice, then while you are relaxed we will send you into the make-up room to change into your undergarments and your satin robe all picked out just for you when you booked your Bridal Fantasy. You'll find yourself sitting pretty and ready for make-up…. our full transformation, beautiful hair, fresh flowers or a veil….then finally the moment you have been waiting for, the dress! The perfect day for the perfect bride. Photos will be taken so you can remember this special day in your wedding gown.
(This session requires 4-5 hours.)

You may choose to add the wedding ceremony that includes: The wedding march when you are walking down the aisle to the bride or groom of your choice, reciting your vows that you may choose to personalize if you wish. The announcement of friendship, between the two of you and the JUST YOU family of staff and friends. To wrap it all together there will be a champagne toast, the cutting of the cake and pictures throughout to recall a perfect day.
(The ceremony requires and additional hour. Additional add-ons such as a mother of the bride, bride's maids or even a reception at a restaurant can be arranged.)

OUTINGS: $150.00 per hour (2 hour minimum) and $50.00 per hour for each additional person.

You will be going out on the town with Amy and her assistant. Transportation is provided. We will do all the research on where to go with your input on what would like to do during your evening in Las Vegas. You will incur all additional expenses during the outing.
(Outings must be scheduled one week in advance with a $200 deposit. Cancellation or rescheduling must to be done at least 48 hours prior to your appointment time to avoid loss of your deposit.)



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