My name is Amy and I am the owner and head Transformation Artist at Just You. I was born and raised in Hawaii and now I live here in Las Vegas. I have been doing makeup professionally for over twenty years.

I started doing makeup simply because I wanted everybody to feel as beautiful as they could. I went to school in Honolulu, Hawaii and didn’t feel that I could truly help people unless I could teach them. Who wants to only feel beautiful for a day? We all have the need and want to learn to be the best that we can be all the time. So, I furthered my education and became a licensed technical trainer, nation wide. I learned the tricks of the trade including makeup for different nationalities, the art of photographic make up and techniques for transforming a man into a woman.

I learned from, my years of studies, a lot of practice, my travels, my love of the art, and from my mentor Kelly Ray. Kelly was one of the most well known drag queens in Hawaii. He was Universal Show Queen of 1992, Miss Island Goddess 1994, Miss Gay USA, Miss North Carolina and Entertainer of the Year in 1996 and certainly one of the most talented men that I have had the pleasure to know.

I believe that practice makes perfect and we never stop learning. Seasons change, techniques change, and with so many changes in style we still have to create a beautiful face that matches the times. I do believe that with my knowledge and support, together we can create the look of your dreams. My clients are not just customers they are family, and I would like to invite all of you to join our family and visit us in Las Vegas.


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