It has been a long time and I've been meaning to write to you. You did a makeover and transformation for me back in about June of 2011. I wanted to thank you. I was so very nervous and I have never admitted to anyone what I am. I've carried it with me secretly since I was little. But I had always wanted to see what Karli can really be. It was just a very small first step but you made me feel at ease because I was so very nervous and terrified. And the rest of the staff was so nice to me as well. I very much appreciate it. I wanted to send you a few pictures of your work and express my sincere gratitude to you. Is that something you'd be interested in? And maybe I'll be back someday soon. I'd love to get better and learn more. I still get very scared and nervous. But I loved feeling like Karli should and would love to explore more. I'd love advice and also find out what other girls do. What are other steps they take? I can't say I understand it all. But I'm thankful for your understanding and kindness.