I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful experience tonight.  I admit being unbelievably nervous, not because of the atmosphere but because this was, past tense now, something that I have never discussed in-depth before that didn't end badly.  It doesn't escape me that your clients come in all shapes and styles and everyone wants something different, but talking to the other girls before I left was amazing.  Do not get me wrong, you were great, but talking to other girls like me that were so comfortable with themselves was incredibly therapeutic. 
    I just looked through the photos and to be honest, I was scared.  After opening them up, I cannot believe how I looked.  I seriously felt like I was looking at a female member of my family.  They are all known to be quite beautiful and I was shocked. 
    Anyway, thank you again and tell your friends thank you too.  Your one friend was very gracious and inviting me to come out.  I have no way to know when I will be back in town, with these circumstances, but let her know I am so grateful for the courtesy, I needed that.  Please don't make them obligated, but if either would like to email me, they are more than welcome.
    Graciously yours, Rhianna