I am so grateful that I found you. The professionalism and the way you connect and treat people is beyond belief! I was so nervous coming there and never would have believed that you could make me feel so comfortable. You did a awesome make-over for me and I can't even believe I got brave enough to go out on GNO, when we were at the pizza place I think I would have left if not for (I don't remember her name) but she made me feel like I really fit in with you all and she was so sweet all night! When we got to the club you really made me feel so comfortable and everyone was so nice, I never dreamed Stella could ever come out of the closet and have such a great experience and it's all because of you and all you staff. The after affect is the most amazing part I feel so good inside still like a burden of a life time has been lifted I have such a calm and comfortable feeling live is good. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH AMY!!!