With apologies for not writing sooner - I have been going flat out since my recent return from the US - but I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks very much to you and Jody for making my latest visit to Las Vegas so wonderful! Four nights out - four different looks - and ALL of the makeovers outstanding, as usual! Especially the last night when I wore an orange mini-dress and little black jacket. Jody took some awesome photos - one of which (my favourite) is currently my FB cover pic.

    Really appreciate your help as well in 'pulling together' each of my outfits, with all the right accessories. Look forward to your advice on my three new MR dresses when I am back in Vegas (I exchanged the pink and the blue ones that you saw - for the next size up - plus I picked up another one in navy blue with white polka dots - before I left town. Still have to get a bunch more things - including new shoes - before I return. Oh well ...) 

    Hoping to be back next month - sometime after mid-June. I will let you know asap. Still trying to see if I can 'do' the UK in early July - if not Manchester and Sparkle, then at least London. I would love to see Jody play darts in an English pub! 
    Best wishes to all (special hugs to Kathy Kat - hope she's feeling well).