I just got back home a few hours ago. I'd like to thank you again for the exceptional work you did on me. I met a friend later that day. He didn't recognize me at all, and his eyes went wide when he realized that was me! I also learned a lot and managed to improve my own makeup. Of course I don't come close to your level, but I think I did ok. I'll send you pictures later so you can judge for yourself.

    Most important, I did spend the rest of my time in Vegas completely en femme. That's 11 days, all day long! I moved about Downtown and the Strip on buses, played in many casinos, and even went shopping for clothes and shoes. That was amazing, and a very positive experience. I'm sure I got read many times, but there was not one negative incident at all. I even got some compliments on my clothes and accessories, including the earrings you picked out for me.

    It was definitely a good idea to start off on the right foot with you. I hope we'll meet again on my next trip.