Thank you so much! I just got back from my trip to Vegas and it was the best. You gave me a makeover last Tuesday. I just turned 50 and wanted to celebrate it with a transformation and maybe a night out on the town. You made me look so good and everyone at your shop was so nice. I went to the Escape Lounge after I left your shop to get a diet drink and calm my nerves (well I did drive around for a little bit before I stopped). I then drove down the strip and headed downtown. I thought I would walk around there. I pulled into the parking garage and it took me a while to get out. I was stuck because I needed to get out of the car to pay for the parking. I then willed myself to walk to the one end of Fremont St. It was really crowded. I made it all the way up and I think I passed pretty well. I didn't hear anyone laughing or pointing. I went into a casino and got my nerve back up to head back. I also wanted to get a picture to mark the occasion. I walked up to a couple of the show girls that will pose with you. I talked really soft and kind of threw the camera in one of their hands. But I got the photo. I paid for my parking and headed out. I should of stayed longer but I was so nervous. I drove back to my hotel on the strip. I walked a little bit on the strip (which was my dream) and then I went into the Bellagio and actually gambled. I was at a slot and there was a cleaning person that was pushing in chairs and getting rid of trash and I kind of soft talked and showed him the camera to take a picture. He did. I was then at this machine and a women that works for the casino came up and said "Ma'am would you like to join out rewards program?" I couldn't meet her eyes and just shook my head and kind of mumbled "No". She probably read me then, but I was in heaven. I then walked around the Bellagio flower area and had someone take my picture there. It was getting late and my wife was up in the room probably more worried then I was. I want to do it again soon (time to save my money). I'm already thinking about what to wear.
    Thank you again for making me feel special. It was a great time.

    My Best to you and you staff. Julie