What an amazing time I had in Vegas. My first times out and about pretty. It was absolutely liberating and fun. I really wanted to go out on the Valentine's Day girls night out, but I was having trouble walking. Needless to say, after I left your boutique I went to the outlet mall south of the strip to pick up a new blouse. Well a long walk in my heels and 5 blisters on my toes later I could barely stand to have any shoes on my feet. It cut my day really short but I had an amazing time either way. I can't wait to do it again. Let me know if there are any other conferences around the country you would recommend. I can't wait to get out and about again. I really enjoyed our time together and how you made me feel so comfortable. I was terrified, but overjoyed at the same time. I have a picture to send of me made up and what I was planning to wear to the event. Let me know where I can send it, maybe you can use it on your website. Thanks so much!