Thank you so, so much!!!  Words cannot come close to expressing just how happy and grateful I am for the time you spent working your magic on me earlier this week.

    I've been aware of the girl inside of me from my earliest memories as a child, and having a makeover like this has been nearly a lifelong dream.  While I wish that I'd fulfilled that dream before age took hold of me and made the transformation more difficult (how I wish I had known that you were performing such makeovers less than a mile away from me twenty years ago!), I could not be any more satisfied and thrilled with the way you made my dream come true.

    Throughout the process, it was clear that you really cared, and that you really wanted the best for me -- not for your artistic pride or for the sake of your business, but because your girls truly become a part of your extended family and of course, there's no disputing your expertise. I had full confidence in your abilities based on your reputation and several trusted testimonials, and yet you still exceeded my hopes and expectations.  I loved how you explained what you were doing along the journey, and I loved even more how I could simply trust in you to make the right decisions.  On paper, I might have thought that the brow shape you chose would be too dramatic for me, but it worked wonderfully.  I might have thought that the lipstick color was a little too bold, but it also worked wonderfully.  And the piece de resistance: your choice of wig.  I had worn the safer choice of a long black wig the night before, so you chose my shorter, highlighted wig mainly to change things up and give me a different look.  I've always preferred the coloring and style of that shorter wig, but I could never get it to work for me; I'd always look like an older woman trying too hard to look hip.  I wanted to tell you that I think the wig is a dud for me, and possibly add it to the things I was donating, but I decided to remain quiet and dutifully closed my eyes as you styled it.  When I opened my eyes, I simply could not believe what I saw -- it was in a style that I had never imagined for this wig, but absolutely LOVED!!!  And even when gravity eventually overpowered the hair spray, the style remained wonderful and far beyond anything I had previously hoped for.  So, I'm sorry that there was one less item in the donation pile, but you totally redeemed that wig for me!

    This probably isn't all that unusual, but my eyes teared up a few times as you worked on my lower lids. You gave me some Q-tips to stop the damage in case my eyes became irritated later in the evening.  I was going to joke that the Q-tips weren't going to help me if I cried at the end of the makeover, but I decided not to mention that because it was actually too real a possibility.  I have to tell you that on the big reveal, I came REALLY close to losing it a couple of times.  If it seemed that I didn't say much, or that I hugged you a little too long or often, it was only because I was trying desperately to maintain my composure!  :)

    Please thank Jody's mom for being such a sweetheart applying my nails (as you said, those Kiss express nails are AMAZING, they looked great and clung tightly even after a long soak in the tub!) and taking a few photos of me.  I really, really enjoyed spending time with her!

    And apologies for the girl that followed me in the makeup room, and for any delays that I caused either of you.  I had planned to simply change my top, put on some jewelry, and scoot on out of there in my soccer mom outfit (I'll attach a pic of me in the top I had planned to wear), but after seeing the look that you had created for me, and the setting sun, I thought, "hmm, should I dare go with the dress instead?"  I hadn't planned on that, and didn't have everything organized, but I'm so grateful that you were both patient with me as I sorted things out.  And thank you and Jody's mom for raving about the outfit, I really love it too and am so thrilled that you gave me a look that allowed me to do it a bit of justice!

    Nearly two days have passed since I sat in your chair, but my heart is still full of joy, happiness, and appreciation.  And fortunately (or not), my misty eyes are not ruining any makeup.  Thank you, Amy, for everything!