My wife and I wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful experience while in your shop. I was glad that I had found you in the website, and thru word of mouth from other girls. My wife doesn't know that I love to dress as a sexy lady a lot, so I do this in private when I can. I don't know why I feel this way, but been doing this in hiding since 13 years old. I've never been out dressed in public in my life. I thought Halloween would be a perfect time to come out with this since we where planning to dress up in costumes anyways.

    I was so happy and excited when I got to Amy's shop for my makeover. I didn't know what to expect, but I must say, WOW I was so amazed how I looked when she was done with my makeover and wig. I couldn't believe my eyes, I really thought I was so beautiful and my wife was so impressed with my look. I was the talk of our family and friends and still talking today, hahahaha. I really surprised everyone. Amy I really thank you so much.

    Just like the other girls here, I was so nervous to walk out of your shop and then to major casinos for parties. Wow, but I did it and felt great and got so many wonderful compliments. Amy I will be more in touch with you for future events you may have. Do you have any events or girls nights out thru the next year planned? I will be seeing you for next Halloween.