My feet hurt. So Bad! Kristen the Piston, I blame you! All the same, though, I can't quit tapping them! The beat from the 2013 Halloween Bash continues, unabated, and I can't stop dancing to every stray scrap of music I hear! What happened, Amy? What happens now the Spirit of Femme has invaded my soul?

    Just You Girls and would-be divas, there is no short way to explain why the trip to Vegas is a critical step in your she-velopment. Suffice it to say, it's a game-changer and a lifesaver! Permagrin.... ever had it? Where you're smiling in spite of yourself, ear-to-ear, and people are drawn to your grinning, impish energy? It's real. It happened to me. Perfect strangers were chatting me up at the airport---morning-after raccoon eyes and all because I was simply beaming, radiant!

    What now, Amy? Y'know, I went home and bought a tailored (men's) suit because I want to feel pretty, guy or doll, every step of the way from here out. Will I ever get back to sweatpants and tees? Doesn't seem like.

    Real quick: Brenda, you're my angel! I'm keeping you in my thoughts for whatever good it does. Stay strong, Sweetie! Ladies: Bombshell, Denise, Elaine, Sheila, Olivia, Melissa, Davina, Stephanie, Faith, Jamie--- oh, there're more but anyway--- thank you thank you thank you for showing me the ropes and making me feel so welcome! Mwah! (big kiss sound, fyi) and Kristen, I'll be bringing flats next time! Ha! It is ON, girl!

    Much Love! Jess