Just want to say thanks to you and Jody for everything on my visit to Las Vegas last week. Another five awesome makeovers - each one with a different look, outfit, and hair style. I have a pile of photos to go through, and post on FB and Flickr! I hope to return to LV around the end of April or in early May but that will depend on some other things I have to deal with - mainly nose surgery. I will give you as much advance notice as I can when I make my next bookings.  In future, I will also look at staying at a hotel closer to your boutique, and either rent a car or book a dedicated driver and car - to reduce travel time from my hotel and the waiting time for cabs after my makeovers. I am very sorry for any inconvenience that I caused you and Jody during my recent visit because of my 'transportation issues' and I promise to find a workable solution so it doesn't happen again!
    Bye for now, hugs, Elaine xo