I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful transformation experience and for giving me the confidence for my first outing. I struggle to find the words that express how wonderful it made me feel. You took your time and helped me pick the right outfit that I was comfortable with and it was perfect from my pretty blonde hair to my cute red shoes. I was just speechless when you slipped my wig on and I opened my eyes and looked into the mirror. You turned me into the woman I always knew I was on the inside and I cannot say thank you enough for that. It was exhilarating to walk out the door and stroll onto the street in my heels and get into my car and to explore the town. I could not stop smiling. My first time out and it was amazing.

    It was so special to have someone showing me the spots and watching over me before going to Flex. "Mr. Steele", took me on a little tour of some of the spots, treated me like a lady, opened the car door for me, and even told me to pull up at a traffic light when the guy in the car next to us was checking me out :) I would recommend him to anyone interested in his services as he made me feel so safe and relaxed.

    I had such a blast at Flex and the show was great. It was so nice to meet a lot of the girls and some of some of the Just You Family. Everyone treated me so nice and show was great. It was very therapeutic to be able to talk openly and looking out for each other.

    I went back to my hotel, self parked in the hotel garage, and just decided to stroll through the hotel walkway, past the shops (it was late so they were closed) down the escalator and to the elevators. The hotel staff and security greeted me with “Good evening Ma’am” as I smiled and walked by which felt exhilarating. Words cannot express what this has done for me and I am already planning my next trip back and see you again very soon. Just you has been added to my frequent travel list. Please feel free to post this any of this on your site or I will if you feel its appropriate.

    Please let me know if there are any events or gatherings upcoming.

    I cannot stop smiling. It was so good to be finally be Jodi :)

    Hugs, Jodi