I am back home as of about 2 hours ago. I wanted to take the time to thank you & everyone at the shop for being so kind. I more than enjoyed myself in the little time I was there. I definitely got over the nervous habit (while en femme), maybe I need to work on confidence. But again, thank you for your help building that. I have about 10 pictures or less, from my phone. I want to be up on that Wall Of Fame as well, so I will have a few to choose from. I hope you don't mind.

    Your mom was nice. Your wife was definitely cool (as they say). I will definitely stop by again but October sounds a little impossible at this point and spring of next year, depending on where life takes me.

    Don't let too much space and time pass by, K.I.T if you can

    Kisses n Hugs, Vanessa