I just want to give you another big hug for making me look and feel great. I do realize that I was late last Friday but you still took me and transformed me into a beautiful woman. I never felt more feminine. I did go to Chews'n but only stayed a few minutes cause it was early and I was the only CD there. I went back to Planet Hollywood and valeted the car and the guy called me ma'am. I walked into the Casino trying to think positive with my head held high. I played the slots for a while. I am sure a couple Asian girls made me but I felt so pretty, I didn't care. I know I am old 53 but you made me look like a pretty woman, I could imagine how good I could have looked if I was in my twenties and you made me that special girl. I am sure that if I had a long sleeve blouse and a set of beautiful nails that I might have blended in more as a woman. I just want to thank you again for making me feel like a pretty female, I didn't want the night to end BUT the wife who doesn't approve called me to say that she was hungry and told me to change. For that brief time as Denise, I felt wonderful and I owe that all to you. Love always Denise

    PS: I did submit a pic in the girl of the month you made Denise happy!