I really don't know where to start and I am sure you get literally thousands of e- mails from individuals such as myself, who just need someone to talk to. About me; I am 49 years old. I used to dress years ago, and then I stopped for many years. Recently I had a girlfriend and we flirted with the idea of me dressing as a woman. I jumped on that train right away. As time progressed, we did more than I had ever imagined; nails, makeup. dresses, outfits. I love it. As I have gotten older it is fascinating to me to be dressed up. I love it. The young lady and I broke up and it was devastating to me. She said some very hurtful things about me and who I am inside. I know you are not a therapist, but the bottom line is that I need some friends. I continue to get as pretty as I possibly can and will eventually purchase from your store. I have nobody to be pretty for and that is a struggle for most of us I am sure. I have a terrific body for dressing. My makeup skills are bad but I keep trying. The girls in your site look amazing. I would tell them if I could. I know that I would love someone to tell me I look amazing. I am a heterosexual male but love being Nanette. Its difficult in the town I live in and would never be accepted. I am sorry for rambling, but just need some friends. Always Nanette

    I am sorry about your ups and downs with your relationships, understand that, her saying hurtful things to you means that she was hurting too, because you can't enjoy one day and hate it the next. JUST YOU is a place for you to feel safe, have friends and be able to talk about your self with out judgement or criticism, so you can be that person you always wanted to be. We can be that family that you need in your life.

    Give us an email whenever you would like. Maybe one day you will come down to Vegas and hang out with the other girls.
    Thank you.

    It's a great day to be JUST YOU