It has taken me a while to come to grips with my husband's cross dressing. I went to a therapist and they dispelled my fears. Looking back I feel really foolish about how I have behaved in the past. Along with a Transformation what would you suggest as something special I could surprise him with as a way of saying " I'm sorry " and to let him know I really accept him as he is. This is going to sound silly but is there something that most or all cross dressers really want deep down inside? I would really like to blow him away.
    Thanks, Emily

    DEAR Emily,
    Yes, you are absolutely RIGHT, there is something that all cross dressers really want deep inside and honestly your husband has it. A woman that can eccept, embrace and support him for everything that he is. I applaud you and you don't have to worry about saying "I'm sorry", you are showing it. Actions speak louder than words. I would love to meet you both and for you to be a part of our JUST YOU family. We have others couples like you and some that need inspiration to keep trying that you both can show them. Please keep an eye on our website, we have different events that you both would have a blast at; Our GNO (Girls Night Out) every third Saturday of the month, JUST YOU WEEK - June 18th through the 23rd (week to be you, have fun, guidance, meet new friends and most of all, be together). And always remember our party of all parties; our HALLOWEEN BASH! - this year on Saturday, October 27th the theme is 'MARDI  GRAS' and it is a BLAST, one that you will plan to come back to every year. You have a wonderful day.

    It's a great day to be JUST YOU.